Class InstantDt

    • Field Detail


        public static final TemporalPrecisionEnum DEFAULT_PRECISION
        The default precision for this type
    • Constructor Detail

      • InstantDt

        public InstantDt​(Calendar theCalendar)
        Create a new DateTimeDt
      • InstantDt

        public InstantDt​(Date theDate,
                         TemporalPrecisionEnum thePrecision,
                         TimeZone theTimezone)
        Create a new instance using the given date, precision level, and time zone
        DataFormatException - If the specified precision is not allowed for this type
      • InstantDt

        public InstantDt​(BaseDateTimeDt theDateTime)
        Create a new DateTimeDt using an existing value. Use this constructor with caution, as it may create more precision than warranted (since for example it is possible to pass in a DateTime with only a year, and this constructor will convert to an InstantDt with milliseconds precision).
      • InstantDt

        public InstantDt​(String theString)
        Create a new InstantDt from a string value
        theString - The string representation of the string. Must be in a valid format according to the FHIR specification