Interface IHttpResponse

  • public interface IHttpResponse
    An interface around the HTTP Response.
    • Method Detail

      • bufferEntity

        void bufferEntity()
                   throws IOException
        Buffer the message entity data.

        In case the message entity is backed by an unconsumed entity input stream, all the bytes of the original entity input stream are read and stored in a local buffer. The original entity input stream is consumed.

        In case the response entity instance is not backed by an unconsumed input stream an invocation of bufferEntity method is ignored and the method returns.

        This operation is idempotent, i.e. it can be invoked multiple times with the same effect which also means that calling the bufferEntity() method on an already buffered (and thus closed) message instance is legal and has no further effect.

        Buffering the message entity data allows for multiple invocations of readEntity(...) methods on the response instance.

      • close

        void close()
        Close the response
      • getAllHeaders

        Map<String,​List<String>> getAllHeaders()
        Get map of the response headers and corresponding string values.
        response headers as a map header keys and they values.
      • getMimeType

        String getMimeType()
        Extracts Content-Type value from the response exactly as specified by the Content-Type header. Returns null if not specified.
      • getRequestStopWatch

        StopWatch getRequestStopWatch()
        Returns a StopWatch that was started right before the client request was started. The time returned by this client includes any time that was spent within the HTTP library (possibly including waiting for a connection, and any network activity)
      • getResponse

        Object getResponse()
        the native response, depending on the client library used
      • getStatus

        int getStatus()
        Get the status code associated with the response.
        the response status code.
      • getStatusInfo

        String getStatusInfo()
        Get the response status information reason phrase associated with the response.
        the reason phrase.