Package ca.uhn.fhir.model.api.annotation

package ca.uhn.fhir.model.api.annotation
  • Annotation Types
    Field annotation for fields which are bound to a given valueset
    Class annotation used to indicate a class which is a "block"/"component" type.
    Field annotation for fields within resource and datatype definitions, indicating a child of that type.
    This annotation may be used on a resource type to specify an order for the child names.
    This may only be populated on a reference search paramater field.
    Class annotation to note a class which defines a datatype
    Annotation which may be placed on a resource/datatype definition, or a field, or a search parameter definition in order to provide documentation for that item.
    Field modifier to be placed on a child field (a field also annotated with the Child annotation) which indicates that this field is an extension.
    This annotation should be added to any IModelJson model fields that contain a password or other credentials.
    Class annotation which indicates a resource definition class
    Annotation to mark a field as sensitive, indicating that it should not be displayed or serialized by jackson.
    Marker annotation for a primitive setter method that can be used to indicate a "simple setter" method on a resource or composite type.