Class TimeDt

All Implemented Interfaces:
IDatatype, IElement, IIdentifiableElement, IPrimitiveDatatype<String>, IQueryParameterType, ISupportsUndeclaredExtensions, Externalizable, Serializable, IBase, IBaseDatatype, IPrimitiveType<String>

public class TimeDt extends StringDt implements IQueryParameterType
Represents a Time datatype, per the FHIR specification. A time is a specification of hours and minutes (and optionally milliseconds), with NO date and NO timezone information attached. It is expressed as a string in the form HH:mm:ss[.SSSS]

This datatype is not valid in FHIR DSTU1

FHIR DSTU 2 / HAPI 0.8 TODO: have a way of preventing this from being used in DSTU1 resources TODO: validate time?
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  • Constructor Details

    • TimeDt

      public TimeDt()
      Create a new String
    • TimeDt

      public TimeDt(String theValue)
      Create a new String