Annotation Type ResourceParam

Denotes a parameter for a REST method which will contain the resource actually being created/updated/etc in an operation which contains a resource in the HTTP request.

For example, in a Create operation the method parameter annotated with this annotation will contain the actual resource being created.

Parameters with this annotation should typically be of the type of resource being operated on (see below for an exception when raw data is required). For example, in a IResourceProvider for Patient resources, the parameter annotated with this annotation should be of type Patient.

Note that in servers it is also acceptable to have parameters with this annotation which are of type String or of type byte[]. Parameters of these types will contain the raw/unparsed HTTP request body. It is fine to have multiple parameters with this annotation, so you can have one parameter which accepts the parsed resource, and another which accepts the raw request.

Also note that this parameter may be null if a client does not supply a body.