Class ModifiedStringApacheHttpResponse

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public class ModifiedStringApacheHttpResponse extends BaseHttpResponse implements
Process a modified copy of an existing IHttpResponse with a String containing new content.

Meant to be used with custom interceptors that need to hijack an existing IHttpResponse with new content.

  • Constructor Details

    • ModifiedStringApacheHttpResponse

      public ModifiedStringApacheHttpResponse( theOrigHttpResponse, String theNewContent, ca.uhn.fhir.util.StopWatch theResponseStopWatch)
  • Method Details

    • bufferEntity

      public void bufferEntity() throws IOException
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      bufferEntity in interface
    • close

      public void close()
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      close in interface
    • createReader

      public Reader createReader() throws IOException
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      createReader in interface
    • getAllHeaders

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      getAllHeaders in interface
    • getHeaders

      public List<String> getHeaders(String theName)
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      getHeaders in interface
    • getMimeType

      public String getMimeType()
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      getMimeType in interface
    • getRequestStopWatch

      public ca.uhn.fhir.util.StopWatch getRequestStopWatch()
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      getRequestStopWatch in interface
      getRequestStopWatch in class BaseHttpResponse
    • getResponse

      public Object getResponse()
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      getResponse in interface
    • getStatus

      public int getStatus()
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      getStatus in interface
    • getStatusInfo

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      getStatusInfo in interface
    • readEntity

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      readEntity in interface