Class AbstractJaxRsBundleProvider

  • All Implemented Interfaces:,<JaxRsRequest>,

    public abstract class AbstractJaxRsBundleProvider
    extends AbstractJaxRsProvider
    This server is the abstract superclass for all bundle providers. It exposes a large amount of the fhir api functionality using JAXRS
    Peter Van Houte | | Agfa Healthcare
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractJaxRsBundleProvider

        protected AbstractJaxRsBundleProvider()
        The default constructor. The method bindings are retrieved from the class being constructed.
      • AbstractJaxRsBundleProvider

        protected AbstractJaxRsBundleProvider​(ca.uhn.fhir.context.FhirContext ctx)
        Provides the ability to specify the FhirContext.
        ctx - the FhirContext instance.
      • AbstractJaxRsBundleProvider

        protected AbstractJaxRsBundleProvider​(Class<? extends AbstractJaxRsProvider> theProviderClass)
        This constructor takes in an explicit interface class. This subclass should be identical to the class being constructed but is given explicitly in order to avoid issues with proxy classes in a jee environment.
        theProviderClass - the interface of the class
    • Method Detail

      • getBinding

        protected<?> getBinding​( restOperation,
                                                                                 String theBindingKey)
        Return the method binding for the given rest operation
        restOperation - the rest operation to retrieve
        theBindingKey - the key determining the method to be executed (needed for e.g. custom operation)
      • getInterceptors_

        public List<> getInterceptors_()
        Default: an empty list of interceptors
        Specified by:
        getInterceptors_ in interface
        getInterceptors_ in class AbstractJaxRsProvider
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      • getPagingProvider

        public getPagingProvider()
        Default: no paging provider
        Specified by:
        getPagingProvider in interface<JaxRsRequest>
        Specified by:
        getPagingProvider in interface
        getPagingProvider in class AbstractJaxRsProvider
      • getBundleInclusionRule

        public ca.uhn.fhir.context.api.BundleInclusionRule getBundleInclusionRule()
        Default: BundleInclusionRule.BASED_ON_INCLUDES
        Specified by:
        getBundleInclusionRule in interface<JaxRsRequest>