Class MdmExpansionCacheSvc


public class MdmExpansionCacheSvc extends Object
The purpose of this class is to share context between steps of a given GroupBulkExport job. This cache allows you to port state between reader/processor/writer. In this case, we are maintaining a cache of Source Resource ID -> Golden Resource ID, so that we can annotate outgoing resources with their golden owner if applicable.
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    • getGoldenResourceId

      public String getGoldenResourceId(String theSourceId)
      Lookup a given resource's golden resource ID in the cache. Note that if you pass this function the resource ID of a golden resource, it will just return itself.
      theSourceId - the resource ID of the source resource ,e.g. PAT123
      the resource ID of the associated golden resource.
    • buildLogMessage

      public String buildLogMessage(String message, boolean theAddCacheContentContent)
      Builds a log message, potentially enriched with the cache content.
      message - The log message
      theAddCacheContentContent - If true, will annotate the log message with the current cache contents.
      a built log message, which may include the cache content.
    • setCacheContents

      public void setCacheContents(Map<String,String> theSourceResourceIdToGoldenResourceIdMap)
      Populate the cache
      theSourceResourceIdToGoldenResourceIdMap - the source ID -> golden ID map to populate the cache with.
    • hasBeenPopulated

      public boolean hasBeenPopulated()
      Since this cache is used at @JobScope, we can skip a whole whack of expansions happening by simply checking if one of our child steps has populated the cache yet. .