Class ResourceSearchUrlSvc


@Transactional @Service public class ResourceSearchUrlSvc extends Object
This service ensures uniqueness of resources during create or create-on-update by storing the resource searchUrl.
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    • deleteEntriesOlderThan

      public void deleteEntriesOlderThan(Date theCutoffDate)
      Perform removal of entries older than theCutoffDate since the create operations are done.
    • deleteByResId

      public void deleteByResId(long theResId)
      Once a resource is updated or deleted, we can trust that future match checks will find the committed resource in the db. The use of the constraint table is done, and we can delete it to keep the table small.
    • enforceMatchUrlResourceUniqueness

      public void enforceMatchUrlResourceUniqueness(String theResourceName, String theMatchUrl, ResourceTable theResourceTable)
      We store a record of match urls with res_id so a db constraint can catch simultaneous creates that slip through.