Interface IResourceChangeListenerCacheRefresher

All Known Implementing Classes:

This is an internal service and is not intended to be used outside this package. Implementers should only directly call the IResourceChangeListenerRegistry. This service refreshes a ResourceChangeListenerCache cache and notifies its listener when the cache changes.
  • Method Details

    • refreshExpiredCachesAndNotifyListeners

      If the current time is past the next refresh time of the registered listener, then check if any of its resources have changed and notify the listener accordingly
      an aggregate of all changes sent to all listeners
    • refreshCacheAndNotifyListener

      Refresh the cache in this entry and notify the entry's listener if the cache changed
      theEntry - the IResourceChangeListenerCache with the cache and the listener
      the number of resources that have been created, updated and deleted since the last time the cache was refreshed
    • start

      @EventListener(org.springframework.context.event.ContextRefreshedEvent.class) void start()
    • shutdown

      @EventListener(org.springframework.context.event.ContextClosedEvent.class) void shutdown()