Interface IDao

All Known Subinterfaces:
IFhirResourceDao<T>, IFhirResourceDaoCodeSystem<T>, IFhirResourceDaoComposition<T>, IFhirResourceDaoConceptMap<T>, IFhirResourceDaoEncounter<T>, IFhirResourceDaoObservation<T>, IFhirResourceDaoPatient<T>, IFhirResourceDaoSearchParameter<T>, IFhirResourceDaoStructureDefinition<T>, IFhirResourceDaoSubscription<T>, IFhirResourceDaoValueSet<T>, IFhirSystemDao<T,MT>
All Known Implementing Classes:

public interface IDao
Note that this interface is not considered a stable interface. While it is possible to build applications that use it directly, please be aware that we may modify methods, add methods, or even remove methods from time to time, even within minor point releases.