Enum CarePlan.CarePlanActivityKind

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Serializable, Comparable<CarePlan.CarePlanActivityKind>
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      A booking of a healthcare event among patient(s), practitioner(s), related person(s) and/or device(s) for a specific date/time. This may result in one or more Encounter(s).

      A request to convey information; e.g. the CDS system proposes that an alert be sent to a responsible provider, the CDS system proposes that the public health agency be notified about a reportable condition.

      Represents a request a device to be provided to a specific patient. The device may be an implantable device to be subsequently implanted, or an external assistive device, such as a walker, to be delivered and subsequently be used.

      An order or request for both supply of the medication and the instructions for administration of the medication to a patient. The resource is called \"MedicationRequest\" rather than \"MedicationPrescription\" or \"MedicationOrder\" to generalize the use across inpatient and outpatient settings, including care plans, etc., and to harmonize with workflow patterns.

      A request to supply a diet, formula feeding (enteral) or oral nutritional supplement to a patient/resident.
    • TASK

      public static final CarePlan.CarePlanActivityKind TASK
      A task to be performed.

      A record of a request for service such as diagnostic investigations, treatments, or operations to be performed.

      An authorization for the provision of glasses and/or contact lenses to a patient.
    • NULL

      public static final CarePlan.CarePlanActivityKind NULL
      added to help the parsers with the generic types
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