Class DateDt

All Implemented Interfaces:
IDatatype, IElement, IIdentifiableElement, IPrimitiveDatatype<Date>, ISupportsUndeclaredExtensions, Externalizable, Serializable, IBase, IBaseDatatype, IPrimitiveType<Date>

public class DateDt extends BaseDateTimeDt
Represents a FHIR date datatype. Valid precisions values for this type are:

Note on using Java Date objects: This type stores the date as a Java Date. Note that the Java Date has more precision (millisecond precision), and does not store a timezone. As such, it could potentially cause issues. For example, if a Date contains the number of milliseconds at midnight in a timezone across the date line from your location, it might refer to a different date than intended.

As such, it is recommended to use the Calendar or int,int,int constructors

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