Class BaseHttpClientInvocation

Direct Known Subclasses:
HttpDeleteClientInvocation, HttpGetClientInvocation, HttpPatchClientInvocation, HttpPostClientInvocation, HttpPutClientInvocation, HttpSimpleClientInvocation

public abstract class BaseHttpClientInvocation extends Object
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    • addHeader

      public void addHeader(String theName, String theValue)
    • asHttpRequest

      public abstract asHttpRequest(String theUrlBase, Map<String,List<String>> theExtraParams, theEncoding, Boolean thePrettyPrint)
      Create an HTTP request out of this client request
      theUrlBase - The FHIR server base url (with a trailing "/")
      theExtraParams - Any extra request parameters the server wishes to add
      theEncoding - The encoding to use for any serialized content sent to the server
    • createHttpRequest

      protected createHttpRequest(String theUrl, theEncoding, theRequestType)
      Create an HTTP request for the given url, encoding and request-type
      theUrl - The complete FHIR url to which the http request will be sent
      theEncoding - The encoding to use for any serialized content sent to the server
      theRequestType - the type of HTTP request (GET, DELETE, ..)
    • getContext

      public ca.uhn.fhir.context.FhirContext getContext()
      Returns the FHIR context associated with this client
      the myContext
    • getHeaders

      public List<> getHeaders()
      Returns the http headers to be sent with the request
    • getRestfulClientFactory

      public getRestfulClientFactory()
      Get the restfull client factory
    • appendExtraParamsWithQuestionMark

      public static void appendExtraParamsWithQuestionMark(Map<String,List<String>> theExtraParams, StringBuilder theUrlBuilder, boolean theWithQuestionMark)