Class HttpPutClientInvocation

    • Constructor Detail

      • HttpPutClientInvocation

        public HttpPutClientInvocation​(ca.uhn.fhir.context.FhirContext theContext,
                                       org.hl7.fhir.instance.model.api.IBaseResource theResource,
                                       String theUrlExtension)
    • Method Detail

      • getRequestType

        protected getRequestType()
        Get the HTTP request type.
      • asHttpRequest

        public asHttpRequest​(String theUrlBase,
                                                                      Map<String,​List<String>> theExtraParams,
                                                                      Boolean thePrettyPrint)
                                                               throws ca.uhn.fhir.parser.DataFormatException
        Description copied from class: BaseHttpClientInvocation
        Create an HTTP request out of this client request
        Specified by:
        asHttpRequest in class BaseHttpClientInvocation
        theUrlBase - The FHIR server base url (with a trailing "/")
        theExtraParams - Any extra request parameters the server wishes to add
        theEncoding - The encoding to use for any serialized content sent to the server
      • setForceResourceId

        public void setForceResourceId​(org.hl7.fhir.instance.model.api.IIdType theId)
      • setIfNoneExistParams

        public void setIfNoneExistParams​(Map<String,​List<String>> theIfNoneExist)
      • setIfNoneExistString

        public void setIfNoneExistString​(String theIfNoneExistString)
      • setOmitResourceId

        public void setOmitResourceId​(boolean theOmitResourceId)