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This generation strategy contains default rules for fetching IPS section contents for each of the base (universal realm) IPS definition sections.
This interface is the primary configuration and strategy provider for the HAPI FHIR International Patient Summary (IPS) generator.
Implementations of this interface are used to fetch resources to include for a given IPS section by performing a search in a local JPA repository.
This interface is invoked when a section has no resources found, and should generate a "stub" resource explaining why.
This interface is invoked for each section of the IPS, and fetches/returns the resources which will be included in the IPS document for that section.
This enum specifies how an individual resource entry that is returned by ISectionResourceSupplier.fetchResourcesForSection(IpsContext, IpsSectionContext, RequestDetails) should be included in the resulting IPS document bundle.
Call Section.newBuilder() to create a new instance of this class.