Class SubscriptionTopicDispatchRequest


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      public SubscriptionTopicDispatchRequest(@Nonnull String theTopicUrl, @Nonnull List<org.hl7.fhir.instance.model.api.IBaseResource> theResources, @Nonnull ISubscriptionTopicFilterMatcher theSubscriptionTopicFilterMatcher, @Nonnull theRequestType, @Nullable InMemoryMatchResult theInMemoryMatchResult, @Nullable RequestPartitionId theRequestPartitionId, @Nullable String theTransactionId)
      theTopicUrl - Deliver to subscriptions for this topic
      theResources - The list of resources to deliver. The first resource will be the primary "focus" resource per the Subscription documentation. This list should _not_ include the SubscriptionStatus. The SubscriptionStatus will be added as the first element to the delivered bundle. The reason for this is that the SubscriptionStatus needs to reference the subscription ID, which is not known until the bundle is delivered.
      theSubscriptionTopicFilterMatcher - is used to match the primary "focus" resource against the subscription filters
      theRequestType - The type of request that led to this dispatch. This determines the request type of the bundle entries
      theInMemoryMatchResult - Information about the match event that led to this dispatch that is sent to SUBSCRIPTION_RESOURCE_MATCHED
      theRequestPartitionId - The request partitions of the request, if any. This is used by subscriptions that need to perform repository operations as a part of their delivery. Those repository operations will be performed on the supplied request partitions
      theTransactionId - The transaction ID of the request, if any. This is used for logging.
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