Interface IPagingProvider

    • Method Detail

      • getDefaultPageSize

        int getDefaultPageSize()
        if no _count parameter is provided, use this for the page size
      • getMaximumPageSize

        int getMaximumPageSize()
        if the _count parameter is larger than this value, reduce it to this value
      • canStoreSearchResults

        default boolean canStoreSearchResults()
        true if the paging provider is able to store search results.
      • retrieveResultList

        default IBundleProvider retrieveResultList​(@Nullable
                                                   RequestDetails theRequestDetails,
                                                   String theSearchId,
                                                   String thePageId)
        Retrieve a result list by Search ID and Page ID
        4.0.0 - Note that the theRequest parameter was added to this method in HAPI FHIR 4.0.0. Existing implementations may choose to add this parameter and not use it if needed.