Class ResponseTerminologyTranslationInterceptor


This interceptor leverages ConceptMap resources stored in the repository to automatically map terminology from one CodeSystem to another at runtime, in resources that are being returned by the server.

Mappings are applied only if they are explicitly configured in the interceptor via the addMappingSpecification(String, String) method.

  • Constructor Details

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    • addMappingSpecification

      public void addMappingSpecification(String theSourceCodeSystemUrl, String theTargetCodeSystemUrl)
      Adds a mapping specification using only a source and target CodeSystem URL. Any mappings specified using this URL
      theSourceCodeSystemUrl - The source CodeSystem URL
      theTargetCodeSystemUrl - The target CodeSystem URL
    • clearMappingSpecifications

      Clear all mapping specifications
    • getMappingSpecifications

    • handleResource

      public void handleResource(RequestDetails theRequestDetails, org.hl7.fhir.instance.model.api.IBaseResource theResource)