Interface IAuthRuleFinished

All Known Subinterfaces:
IAuthRuleBuilderRuleBulkExportWithTarget, IAuthRuleBuilderRuleConditionalClassifier, IAuthRuleBuilderRuleOpClassifierFinished, IAuthRuleBuilderRuleOpClassifierFinishedWithTenantId

public interface IAuthRuleFinished
  • Method Details

    • andThen

      Start another rule
    • build

      Build the rule list
    • withTester

      Add an additional tester that will be queried if all other conditions of this rule already match. For example, given the following rule
       return new RuleBuilder()
         .allow("Rule 1").operation().named("everything").onInstancesOfType(Patient.class).withTester(myTester)
      ..the tester will be invoked on any $everything operations on Patient resources as a final check as to whether the rule applies or not. In this example, the tester is not invoked for other operations.
      theTester - The tester to add, or null
    • withFilterTester

      Narrow this rule to resources matching the given FHIR query.
      theQueryParameters - a FHIR query parameter string. E.g. category=laboratoryinvalid input: '&date'=ge2021