Class ResponseBundleRequest


public class ResponseBundleRequest extends Object
This is a request object for selecting resources from a bundle provider and returning a bundle to the client
  • Field Details

    • server

      public final IRestfulServer<?> server
      The FHIR REST server the request is coming from. This is used to determine default page size.
    • bundleProvider

      The bundle provider that will be used as the source of resources for the returned bundle.
    • requestDetails

      The user request details. This is used to parse out parameters used to create the final bundle.
    • offset

      public final int offset
      The requested offset into the list of resources that should be used to create the returned bundle.
    • linkSelf

      public final String linkSelf
      The response bundle link to self. This is used to create "self" link in the returned bundle.
    • includes

      public final Set<ca.uhn.fhir.model.api.Include> includes
      The set of includes requested by the user. This is used to determine which resources should be additionally included in the returned bundle.
    • bundleType

      public final ca.uhn.fhir.model.valueset.BundleTypeEnum bundleType
      The type of bundle that should be returned to the client.
    • searchId

      public final String searchId
      The id of the search used to page through search results
    • requestedPage

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