Interface IBatch2DaoSvc

public interface IBatch2DaoSvc
  • Method Details

    • isAllResourceTypeSupported

      Indicates whether reindexing all resource types is supported. Implementations are expected to provide a static response (either they support this or they don't).
    • fetchResourceIdsPage

      IResourcePidList fetchResourceIdsPage(Date theStart, Date theEnd, @Nonnull Integer thePageSize, @Nullable RequestPartitionId theRequestPartitionId, @Nullable String theUrl)
      Fetches a page of resource IDs for all resource types. The page size is up to the discretion of the implementation.
      theStart - The start of the date range, must be inclusive.
      theEnd - The end of the date range, should be exclusive.
      thePageSize - The number of records to query in each pass.
      theRequestPartitionId - The request partition ID (may be null on nonpartitioned systems)
      theUrl - The search URL, or null to return IDs for all resources across all resource types. Null will only be supplied if isAllResourceTypeSupported() returns true.