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This implementation of the IBalpAuditEventSink transmits audit events to a FHIR endpoint for creation, using a standard fhir create event.
The IHE Basic Audit Logging Pattern (BALP) interceptor can be used to autopmatically generate AuditEvent resources that are conformant to the BALP profile in response to events in a FHIR server.
Base parameters for StartJob as well as other requests
This plain provider class can be registered with a JPA RestfulServer to provide the $binary-access-read and $binary-access-write operations that can be used to access attachment data as a raw binary.
A handler for rejected tasks that will have the caller block until space is available.
Version independent identifier
This is a query listener designed to be plugged into a proxy DataSource.
Utility class to help identify classes of failure.
This class is a replacement for DaoMethodOutcome for delete operations, as they can perform their operation over multiple resources
An empty resource pid list
A resource pid list where all pids have the same resource type
This interface is intended to be implemented in order to supply implementation strategy details to the BalpAuditCaptureInterceptor.
Wraps an Attachment datatype or Binary resource, since they both hold binary content but don't look entirely similar
This interface is the factory for Queue Channels, which are the low level abstraction over a queue (e.g.
Note that this interface is not considered a stable interface.
Note that this interface is not considered a stable interface.
Note that this interface is not considered a stable interface.
This class is used to execute code within the context of a database transaction, just like Spring's TransactionTemplate but with more functionality.
This interface is used to translate between IResourcePersistentId and actual resource IDs.
Marker interface for the JPA system provider
This is an internal API for HAPI FHIR.
The implementer of this interface should submit the result of an operation on a resource to the subscription processing pipeline.
The implementer of this interface participates in the retry upon failure mechanism for messages submitted to the subscription processing pipeline.
An implementer of this interface will provide ResourceModifiedMessage persistence services.
List of IResourcePersistentId along with a resource type each id
Wrapper for a query result stream.
This interface is used by any storage implementations to convert from persisted database format (independent of the kind of database) and HAPI FHIR resource model classes.
This service handles bulk loading concepts into the terminology service concept tables using any of several predefined input formats
Purely in-memory implementation of binary storage service.
This class acts as a central spot for all of the many Caffeine caches we use in HAPI FHIR.
Contains methods to sort resource meta fields that are sets (i.e., tags, security labels and profiles) in alphabetical order.
A resource pid list where the pids can have different resource types
A transaction service implementation that does not actually wrap any transactions.
Utility class wrapping a supplier in a transaction with the purpose of performing the supply operation with a partitioned aware context.
This interceptor can be used to block resource updates which would make resource patient compartment change.
This interceptor allows JPA servers to be partitioned by Patient ID.
This exception represents the message payload exceeded the maximum message size of the broker.
This interceptor enforces validation rules on any data saved in a HAPI FHIR JPA repository.
This class is used to construct rules to populate the RepositoryValidatingInterceptor.
Most of this class has been moved to ResourceModifiedMessage in the hapi-fhir-server project, for a reusable channel ResourceModifiedMessage that doesn't require knowledge of subscriptions.
This class contains a runtime in-memory description of a search operation, including details on processing time and other things
A template for stream queries, like JDBCTemplate and friends.
Basic bean which will create a Task Executor
This class exists to help generating thread pools for other parts of the code.
This interceptor looks for a header on incoming requests called X-Retry-On-Version-Conflict and if present, it will instruct the server to automatically retry JPA server operations that would have otherwise failed with a ResourceVersionConflictException (HTTP 409).
Denotes a search that should be performed in the background periodically in order to keep a fresh copy in the query cache.