Class NutritionOrder.OralDietNutrient

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ca.uhn.fhir.model.api.ICompositeElement, ca.uhn.fhir.model.api.IElement, ca.uhn.fhir.model.api.IIdentifiableElement, ca.uhn.fhir.model.api.IResourceBlock, ca.uhn.fhir.model.api.ISupportsUndeclaredExtensions, Serializable, org.hl7.fhir.instance.model.api.IBase
    Enclosing class:

    public static class NutritionOrder.OralDietNutrient
    extends ca.uhn.fhir.model.api.BaseIdentifiableElement
    implements ca.uhn.fhir.model.api.IResourceBlock
    Block class for child element: NutritionOrder.oralDiet.nutrient ()

    Definition: Class that defines the quantity and type of nutrient modifications required for the oral diet.

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    Serialized Form
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      • isEmpty

        public boolean isEmpty()
        Specified by:
        isEmpty in interface org.hl7.fhir.instance.model.api.IBase
      • getAllPopulatedChildElementsOfType

        public <T extends ca.uhn.fhir.model.api.IElement> List<T> getAllPopulatedChildElementsOfType​(Class<T> theType)
        Specified by:
        getAllPopulatedChildElementsOfType in interface ca.uhn.fhir.model.api.ICompositeElement
      • getModifier

        public CodeableConceptDt getModifier()
        Gets the value(s) for modifier (). creating it if it does not exist. Will not return null.

        Definition: The nutrient that is being modified such as carbohydrate or sodium.

      • getAmount

        public SimpleQuantityDt getAmount()
        Gets the value(s) for amount (). creating it if it does not exist. Will not return null.

        Definition: The quantity of the specified nutrient to include in diet.