Enum V3AcknowledgementType

    • Enum Constant Detail

      • AE

        public static final V3AcknowledgementType AE
        Receiving application found error in processing message. Sending error response with additional error detail information.
      • AR

        public static final V3AcknowledgementType AR
        Receiving application failed to process message for reason unrelated to content or format. Original message sender must decide on whether to automatically send message again.
      • CA

        public static final V3AcknowledgementType CA
        Receiving message handling service accepts responsibility for passing message onto receiving application.
      • CE

        public static final V3AcknowledgementType CE
        Receiving message handling service cannot accept message for any other reason (e.g. message sequence number, etc.).
      • CR

        public static final V3AcknowledgementType CR
        Receiving message handling service rejects message if interaction identifier, version or processing mode is incompatible with known receiving application role information.
    • Method Detail

      • values

        public static V3AcknowledgementType[] values()
        Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared. This method may be used to iterate over the constants as follows:
        for (V3AcknowledgementType c : V3AcknowledgementType.values())
        an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared
      • valueOf

        public static V3AcknowledgementType valueOf​(String name)
        Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name. The string must match exactly an identifier used to declare an enum constant in this type. (Extraneous whitespace characters are not permitted.)
        name - the name of the enum constant to be returned.
        the enum constant with the specified name
        IllegalArgumentException - if this enum type has no constant with the specified name
        NullPointerException - if the argument is null