Enum V3ObservationMethod

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<V3ObservationMethod>

  • Enum Constant Summary

    Enum Constants
    Enum Constant
    Complement fixation
    Computed axial tomography
    Susceptibility, High Level Aminoglycoside Resistance agar test
    Visual, Macroscopic observation
    Computed, Magnetic resonance
    Computed, Morphometry
    Computed, Positron emission tomography
    SAMHSA drug assay confirmation
    SAMHSA drug assay screening
    Serum Neutralization
    X-ray crystallography
    Agglutination, Buffered acidified plate
    Agglutination, Card
    Agglutination, Hemagglutination
    Agglutination, Hemagglutination inhibition
    Agglutination, Latex
    Agglutination, Plate
    Agglutination, Rapid Plate
    Agglutination, RBC
    Agglutination, Rivanol
    Agglutination, Tube
    Bioassay, Animal Inoculation
    Bioassay, Cytotoxicity
    Bioassay, Embryo Infective Dose 50
    Bioassay, Embryo Lethal Dose 50
    Bioassay, Mouse intercerebral inoculation
    Bioassay, qualitative
    Bioassay, quantitative
    Chemical, Differential light absorption
    Chemical, Dipstick
    Chemical, Dipstick colorimetric laboratory test
    Chemical, Test strip
    Chromatography, Affinity
    Chromatography, Gas liquid
    Chromatography, High performance liquid
    Chromatography, Liquid
    Chromatography, Protein A affinity
    Coagulation, Tilt tube
    Coagulation, Tilt tube reptilase induced
    Count, Automated
    Count, Manual
    Count, Platelet, Rees-Ecker
    Culture, Aerobic
    Culture, Anaerobic
    Culture, Chicken Embryo
    Culture, Delayed secondary enrichment
    Culture, Microaerophilic
    Culture, Quantitative microbial, cup
    Culture, Quantitative microbial, droplet
    Culture, Quantitative microbial, filter paper
    Culture, Quantitative microbial, pad
    Culture, Quantitative microbial, pour plate
    Culture, Quantitative microbial, surface streak
    Culture, Somatic Cell
    Diffusion, Agar
    Diffusion, Agar Gel Immunodiffusion
    Electrophoresis, Agaorse gel
    Electrophoresis, citrate agar
    Electrophoresis, Immuno
    Electrophoresis, Polyacrylamide gel
    Electrophoresis, Starch gel
    ELISA, antigen capture
    ELISA, avidin biotin peroxidase complex
    ELISA, Kinetic
    ELISA, peroxidase-antiperoxidase
    Identification, API 20 Strep
    Identification, API 20A
    Identification, API 20C AUX
    Identification, API 20E
    Identification, API 20NE
    Identification, API 50 CH
    Identification, API An-IDENT
    Identification, API Coryne
    Identification, API Rapid 20E
    Identification, API Staph
    Identification, API ZYM
    Identification, Bacterial
    Identification, mini VIDAS
    Identification, Phage susceptibility typing
    Identification, Quad-FERM+
    Identification, RAPIDEC Staph
    Identification, Staphaurex
    Identification, VIDAS
    Identification, Vitek
    Identification, VITEK 2
    Immune stain
    Immune stain, Immunofluorescent antibody, direct
    Immune stain, Immunofluorescent antibody, indirect
    Immune stain, Immunoperoxidase, Avidin-Biotin Complex
    Immune stain, Immunoperoxidase, Peroxidase anti-peroxidase complex
    Immune stain, Immunoperoxidase, Protein A-peroxidase complex
    Immunoassay, qualitative, multiple step
    Immunoassay, qualitative, single step
    Immunoassay, Radioimmunoassay
    Immunoassay, semi-quantitative, multiple step
    Immunoassay, semi-quantitative, single step
    Microscopy, Darkfield
    Microscopy, Electron
    Microscopy, Electron microscopy tomography
    Microscopy, Electron, negative stain
    Microscopy, Electron, thick section transmission
    Microscopy, Electron, thin section transmission
    Microscopy, Light
    Microscopy, Polarized light
    Microscopy, Scanning electron
    Microscopy, Transmission electron
    Microscopy, Transparent tape direct examination
    Molecular, 3 Self-Sustaining Sequence Replication
    Molecular, Branched Chain DNA
    Molecular, Hybridization Protection Assay
    Molecular, Immune blot
    Molecular, In-situ hybridization
    Molecular, Ligase Chain Reaction
    Molecular, Ligation Activated Transcription
    Molecular, Nucleic Acid Probe
    Molecular, Nucleic acid probe
    Molecular, Nucleic acid probe with amplification Rationale: Duplicate of code 0126.
    Molecular, Nucleic acid probe with target amplification
    Molecular, Nucleic acid reverse transcription
    Molecular, Nucleic Acid Sequence Based Analysis
    Molecular, Polymerase chain reaction
    Molecular, Q-Beta Replicase or probe amplification category method
    Molecular, Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism
    Molecular, Southern Blot
    Molecular, Strand Displacement Amplification
    Molecular, Transcription Mediated Amplification
    Molecular, Western Blot
    Precipitation, Flocculation
    Precipitation, Immune precipitation
    Precipitation, Milk ring test
    Precipitation, Precipitin
    Stain, Acid fast
    Stain, Acid fast, fluorochrome
    Stain, Acid fast, Kinyoun's cold carbolfuchsin
    Stain, Acid fast, Ziehl-Neelsen
    Stain, Acid phosphatase
    Stain, Acridine orange
    Stain, Active brilliant orange KH
    Stain, Alazarin red S
    Stain, Alcian blue
    Stain, Alcian blue with Periodic acid Schiff
    Stain, Argentaffin
    Stain, Argentaffin silver
    Stain, Azure-eosin
    Stain, Basic Fuschin
    Stain, Bennhold
    Stain, Bennhold's Congo red
    Stain, Bielschowsky
    Stain, Bielschowsky's silver
    Stain, Bleach
    Stain, Bodian
    Stain, Brown-Brenn
    Stain, Butyrate-esterase
    Stain, Calcofluor white fluorescent
    Stain, Carbol-fuchsin
    Stain, Carmine
    Stain, Churukian-Schenk
    Stain, Congo red
    Stain, Cresyl echt violet
    Stain, Crystal violet
    Stain, De Galantha
    Stain, Dieterle silver impregnation
    Stain, Fite-Farco
    Stain, Fontana-Masson silver
    Stain, Fouchet
    Stain, Gomori
    Stain, Gomori methenamine silver
    Stain, Gomori-Wheatly trichrome
    Stain, Gridley
    Stain, Grimelius silver
    Stain, Grocott
    Stain, Grocott methenamine silver
    Stain, Hale's colloidal ferric oxide
    Stain, Hale's colloidal iron
    Stain, Hansel
    Stain, Harris regressive hematoxylin and eosin
    Stain, Hematoxylin and eosin
    Stain, Highman
    Stain, Holzer
    Stain, Iron hematoxylin
    Stain, Jones
    Stain, Jones methenamine silver
    Stain, Kossa
    Stain, Lawson-Van Gieson
    Stain, Loeffler methylene blue
    Stain, Luxol fast blue with cresyl violet
    Stain, Luxol fast blue with Periodic acid-Schiff
    Stain, MacNeal's tetrachrome blood
    Stain, Mallory-Heidenhain
    Stain, Masson trichrome
    Stain, Mayer mucicarmine
    Stain, Mayers progressive hematoxylin and eosin
    Stain, May-Grunwald Giemsa
    Stain, Methyl green
    Stain, Methyl green pyronin
    Stain, Modified Gomori-Wheatly trichrome
    Stain, Modified Masson trichrome
    Stain, Modified trichrome
    Stain, Movat pentachrome
    Stain, Mucicarmine
    Stain, Neutral red
    Stain, Night blue
    Stain, Non-specific esterase
    Stain, Oil red-O
    Stain, Orcein
    Stain, Perls'
    Stain, Phosphotungstic acid-hematoxylin
    Stain, Potassium ferrocyanide
    Stain, Prussian blue
    Stain, Putchler modified Bennhold
    Stain, Quinacrine fluorescent
    Stain, Reticulin
    Stain, Rhodamine
    Stain, Safranin
    Stain, Schmorl
    Stain, Seiver-Munger
    Stain, Silver
    Stain, Specific esterase
    Stain, Steiner silver
    Stain, Sudan III
    Stain, Sudan IVI
    Stain, Sulfated alcian blue
    Stain, Supravital
    Stain, Thioflavine-S
    Stain, Three micron Giemsa
    Stain, Vassar-Culling
    Stain, Vital
    Stain, von Kossa
    Susceptibility, Antibiotic sensitivity, disk
    Susceptibility, BACTEC susceptibility test
    Susceptibility, Disk dilution
    Susceptibility, Minimum bactericidal concentration, macrodilution
    Susceptibility, Minimum bactericidal concentration, microdilution
    Susceptibility, Minimum Inhibitory concentration, macrodilution
    Susceptibility, Minimum Inhibitory concentration, microdilution
    Turbidometric, Refractometric
    Chromatography, Thin Layer
    Immunoassay, enzyme-multiplied technique (EMIT)
    Flow Cytometry
    Radial Immunodiffusion
    Immunoassay, Fluorescence Polarization
    Electrophoresis, Immunofixation
    Dialysis, Direct Equilibrium
    Acid Elution, Kleihauer-Betke Method
    Immunofluorescence, Anti-Complement
    Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy
    Light Scatter, Nephelometry
    Immunoassay, IgE Antibody Test
    Lymphocyte Microcytotoxicity Assay
    Spectrophotometry, Atomic Absorption
    Electrochemical, Ion Selective Electrode
    Chromatography, Gas
    Isoelectric Focusing
    Immunoassay, Chemiluminescent
    Immunoassay, Microparticle Enzyme
    Inductively-Coupled Plasma/Mass Spectrometry
    Immunoassay, Immunoradiometric Assay
    Coagulation, Photo Optical Clot Detection
    Testing to measure the minimum concentration of the antibacterial agent in a given culture medium below which bacterial growth is not inhibited.
    Viral Genotype Susceptibility
    Viral Phenotype Susceptibility
    Gradient Strip
    Minimum Lethal Concentration (MLC)
    Testing to measure the minimum concentration of the antibacterial agent in a given culture medium below which bacterial growth is not inhibited.
    Serum bactericidal titer
    Agar screen
    Disk induction
    Test methods designed to determine a microorganismaTMs susceptibility to being killed by an antibiotic.
    Provides codes for decision methods, initially for assessing the causality of events.
    A code that provides additional detail about the means or technique used to ascertain the genetic analysis.
    Provides additional detail about the aggregation methods used to compute the aggregated values for an observation.
    Reaching a decision through the application of an algorithm designed to weigh the different factors involved.
    Average of non-null values in the referenced set of values
    Reaching a decision through the use of Bayesian statistical analysis.
    Count of non-null values in the referenced set of values
    Reaching a decision by consideration of the totality of factors involved in order to reach a judgement.
    Largest of all non-null values in the referenced set of values.
    The median of all non-null values in the referenced set of values.
    Smallest of all non-null values in the referenced set of values.
    The most common value of all non-null values in the referenced set of values.
    added to help the parsers
    Description: Polymerase Chain Reaction
    Standard Deviation of the values in the referenced set of values, computed over the population.
    Standard Deviation of the values in the referenced set of values, computed over a sample of the population.
    Sum of non-null values in the referenced set of values
    Variance of the values in the referenced set of values, computed over the population.
    Variance of the values in the referenced set of values, computed over a sample of the population.
    Verification by means of document.
    verification by means of a response to an electronic query Example: query message to a Covered Party registry application or Coverage Administrator.
    Verification by means of electronic token.
    Verification by means of voice.
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    fromCode(String codeString)
    Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
    Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.

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