Enum OperationOutcome.IssueType

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<OperationOutcome.IssueType>
Enclosing class:

  • Enum Constant Summary

    Enum Constants
    Enum Constant
    The content/operation failed to pass some business rule and so could not proceed.
    The code or system could not be understood, or it was not valid in the context of a particular ValueSet.code.
    Content could not be accepted because of an edit conflict (i.e.
    The reference pointed to content (usually a resource) that has been deleted.
    An attempt was made to create a duplicate record.
    An unexpected internal error has occurred.
    User session expired; a login may be required.
    An extension was found that was not acceptable, could not be resolved, or a modifierExtension was not recognized.
    The user does not have the rights to perform this action.
    Not all data sources typically accessed could be reached or responded in time, so the returned information might not be complete (applies to search interactions and some operations).
    A message unrelated to the processing success of the completed operation (examples of the latter include things like reminders of password expiry, system maintenance times, etc.).
    Content invalid against the specification or a profile.
    A content validation rule failed - e.g.
    Some search filters might not have applied on all results.
    A resource/record locking failure (usually in an underlying database).
    The client needs to initiate an authentication process.
    Multiple matching records were found when the operation required only one match.
    The persistent store is unavailable; e.g.
    The reference provided was not found.
    The interaction, operation, resource or profile is not supported.
    added to help the parsers with the generic types
    Processing issues.
    A required element is missing.
    An authentication/authorization/permissions issue of some kind.
    A structural issue in the content such as wrong namespace, unable to parse the content completely, invalid syntax, etc.
    The operation completed successfully.
    Some information was not or might not have been returned due to business rules, consent or privacy rules, or access permission constraints.
    The system is not prepared to handle this request due to load management.
    An internal timeout has occurred.
    The operation was stopped to protect server resources; e.g.
    Provided content is too long (typically, this is a denial of service protection type of error).
    Transient processing issues.
    The user or system was not able to be authenticated (either there is no process, or the proferred token is unacceptable).
    An element or header value is invalid.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    fromCode(String codeString)
    Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
    Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.

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