The HAPI FHIR Global Atlas

World Map of FHIR users

The HAPI FHIR Global Atlas is intended to be a showcase and a directory for people, organizations, and projects using HAPI FHIR around the world.

We would love for you to add your own project, or to update your record if you would like to add or clarify anything (or to remove your record if you would like).

There are two ways to add/update your record:

By Form

If you would like to add or update an entry in the atlas, please fill out this form.

By Pull Request

The source file for the atlas can be found in GitHub at

Please feel free to file a pull request to modify this file. Entries in the points array can have the following elements:

  • title – The name of your organization and/or project
  • description – A description
  • company – The name of the company or organization behind the project, if any
  • contactName – Your name (or a contact name for the project, if any)
  • contactEmail – Your email address (or a contact email for the project, if any)
  • link – A URL to you, your organization, or your project
  • city – The city (state/country is also fine) where the project or organization is based
  • lat and lon – The latitude and longitude where you or your organization/project is located, in Decimal Degrees, with as little or as much precision as you would like. A city, state, or even country position is perfectly fine.
  • added – The current date