Interface ICreateTyped

    • Method Detail

      • conditionalByUrl

        ICreateTyped conditionalByUrl​(String theSearchUrl)
        Specifies that the create should be performed as a conditional create against a given search URL.
        theSearchUrl - The search URL to use. The format of this URL should be of the form [ResourceType]?[Parameters], for example: Patient?name=Smith&identifier=
        HAPI 0.9 / FHIR DSTU 2
      • prefer

        ICreateTyped prefer​(PreferReturnEnum theReturn)
        Add a Prefer header to the request, which requests that the server include or suppress the resource body as a part of the result. If a resource is returned by the server it will be parsed an accessible to the client via MethodOutcome.getResource()
        HAPI 1.1