Interface IOperationUntypedWithInput<T>

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  • Method Details

    • useHttpGet

      The client should invoke this method using an HTTP GET instead of an HTTP POST. Note that according the the FHIR specification, all methods must support using the POST method, but only certain methods may support the HTTP GET method, so it is generally not necessary to use this feature.

      If you have a specific reason for needing to use a GET however, this method will enable it.

    • returnResourceType

      If this operation returns a single resource body as its return type instead of a Parameters resource, use this method to specify that resource type. This is useful for certain operations (e.g. Patient/NNN/$everything) which return a bundle instead of a Parameters resource.

      Passing in Binary.class allows any arbitrary response to be returned. Any payload at all will be read as raw bytes into a Binary resource.

    • returnMethodOutcome

      Request that the method chain returns a MethodOutcome object. This object will contain details