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This is a copy of (@link BasePartitionable used ONLY for entities that are audited by Hibernate Envers.
This is the base class for entities with partitioning that does NOT include Hibernate Envers logging.
Collects our HSearch extended indexing data.
This is a sequence generator that wraps the Hibernate default sequence generator SequenceStyleGenerator and by default will therefore work exactly as the default would, but allows for customization.
Provide a lookup of created Hibernate Search DocumentElement entries.
Sets SP_NAME, RES_TYPE, SP_UPDATED column values to null for all HFJ_SPIDX tables if storage setting StorageSettings.isIndexStorageOptimized() is enabled.
Provides a common interface used to extract Combo Unique (ResourceIndexedComboStringUnique) and Combo Non-Unique (ResourceIndexedComboTokenNonUnique) SearchParameters
JPA implementation of IResourcePersistentId.
Support different UCUM services level for FHIR Quantity data type.
This class describes how a resourceModifiedMessage is stored for later processing in the event where submission to the subscription processing pipeline would fail.
This entity is used to enforce uniqueness on a given search URL being used as a conditional operation URL, e.g.
Multi-column primary Key for ResourceSearchUrlEntity
Populate myFhirId with server-assigned sequence id when no client-id provided.
Utility class for calculating hashes of SearchParam entity fields.
Allows hibernate search to index
This class contains configuration options common to all hapi-fhir-storage implementations.
It's a wrapper of UcumEssenceService