Class MdmLinkFactory<M extends IMdmLink>


public class MdmLinkFactory<M extends IMdmLink> extends Object
Creates a new IMdmLink either with the current IMdmSettings.getRuleVersion() or with a null version.
**Use extreme caution**. The recommended practice is to only use (@link #newMdmLink()} when WRITING an MDM record.
Otherwise, there is the risk that code that searches for an MDM record fill fail to locate it due to a version mismatch.
Database code makes use of SpringData Example queries.
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    • newMdmLink

      public M newMdmLink()
      Create a new IMdmLink, populating it with the version of the ruleset used to create it. Use this method **only** when writing a new MDM record.
      the new IMdmLink
    • newMdmLinkVersionless

      Creating a new IMdmLink with the version deliberately omitted. It will return as null. This is the recommended use when querying for any MDM records