Enum V3VaccineManufacturer

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<V3VaccineManufacturer>

  • Enum Constant Summary

    Enum Constants
    Enum Constant
    Abbott Laboratories (includes Ross Products Division)
    Adams Laboratories
    Alpha Therapeutic Corporation
    Armour [Inactive-use CEN]
    Baxter Healthcare Corporation
    Bayer Corporation (includes Miles, Inc.
    Berna Products [Inactive-use BPC]
    Berna Products Corporation (includes Swiss Serum and Vaccine Institute Berne)
    Centeon L.L.C.
    Chiron Corporation
    Connaught [Inactive-use PMC]
    Evans Medical Limited (an affiliate of Medeva Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)
    Greer Laboratories, Inc.
    Immuno International AG
    Merieux [Inactive-use PMC]
    Immuno-U.S., Inc.
    The Research Foundation for Microbial Diseases of Osaka University (BIKEN)
    Korea Green Cross Corporation
    Lederle [Inactive-use WAL]
    Massachusetts Public Health Biologic Laboratories
    MedImmune, Inc.
    Miles [Inactive-use BAY]
    Bioport Corporation (formerly Michigan Biologic Products Institute)
    Merck invalid input: '&' Co., Inc.
    NABI (formerly North American Biologicals, Inc.)
    North American Vaccine, Inc.
    Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation (includes Ciba-Geigy Limited and Sandoz Limited)
    added to help the parsers
    New York Blood Center
    Ortho Diagnostic Systems, Inc.
    Organon Teknika Corporation
    Parkedale Pharmaceuticals (formerly Parke-Davis)
    Aventis Pasteur Inc.
    Praxis Biologics [Inactive-use WAL]
    Sclavo, Inc.
    Swiss Serum and Vaccine Inst.
    SmithKline Beecham
    United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command
    Wyeth-Ayerst [Inactive-use WAL]
    Wyeth-Ayerst (includes Wyeth-Lederle Vaccines and Pediatrics, Wyeth Laboratories, Lederle Laboratories, and Praxis Biologics)
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    fromCode(String codeString)
    Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
    Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.

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