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This class is a wrapper for an existing
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{@link @IContextValidationSupport
} object, intended to be subclassed in order to layer functionality on top of the existing validation support object.
This validation support module can be used to validate codes against common CodeSystems that are commonly used, but are not distriuted with the FHIR specification for various reasons (size, complexity, etc.).
Implementation of the base IValidationPolicyAdvisor.
This class can be used to generate resources using FHIRPath expressions.
A simple enum to diffirentiate between types of FHIRPaths in the special use case of generating FHIR Resources.
This class is a basic in-memory terminology service, designed to expand ValueSets and validate codes completely in-memory.
This interceptor loads and parses FHIR NPM Conformance Packages, and makes the artifacts found within them available to the FHIR validator.
This class is an implementation of IValidationSupport which may be pre-populated with a collection of validation resources to be used by the validator.
This class is an implementation of IValidationSupport that fetches validation codes from a remote FHIR based terminology server.
Simple validation support module that handles profile snapshot generation.
This validation support module may be placed at the end of a ValidationSupportChain in order to configure the validator to generate a warning if a resource being validated contains an unknown code system.