HAPI FHIR 4.1.0 (Jitterbug)

Published: 2019-11-13T15:00:00
By: James

It's time for another release of HAPI FHIR!

This release brings some good stuff, including:

  • Structures JARs have been updated to incorporate the latest technical corrections. DSTU3 structures are upgraded to FHIR 3.0.2, R4 structures are upgraded to FHIR 4.0.1, and R5 draft structures are upgraded to the October 2019 draft revision.

  • ValueSets are now automatically pre-expanded by the JPA server into a dedicated set of database tables. This "precalculated expansion" is used to provide much better performance for validation and expanion operations, and introduced the ability to successfully expand very large ValueSets such as the LOINC implicit (all codes) valueset.

  • Support for the FHIR Bulk Export specification has been added. We are now working on adding support for Bulk Import!

  • First-order support for ElasticSearch as a full-text and terminology service backend implementation. At this time, both raw Lucene and ElasticSearch are supported (this may change in the future but we do not have any current plans to deprecate Lucene).

  • Live Terminology Service operations for terminology file maintenance based on delta files has been added.

  • Binary resources and Media/DocumentReference instances with binary attachments stored in the FHIR repository can now take advantage of externalized binary storage for the binary content when that feature is enabled. This allows much better scalability of repositories containing large amounts of binary content (e.g. document repositories).

As always, see the changelog for a full list of changes.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!

Also, as a reminder, if you have not already filled out our annual user survey, please take a moment to do so. Access the survey here: http://bit.ly/33HO4cs (note that this URL was originally posted incorrectly. It is now fixed)

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