Interface IRestfulServerDefaults

    • Method Detail

      • getAddProfileTag

        ca.uhn.fhir.context.api.AddProfileTagEnum getAddProfileTag()
        As of HAPI FHIR 1.5, this property has been moved to FhirContext.setAddProfileTagWhenEncoding(AddProfileTagEnum)
        Returns the setting for automatically adding profile tags
      • getDefaultResponseEncoding getDefaultResponseEncoding()
        Returns the default encoding to return (XML/JSON) if an incoming request does not specify a preference (either with the _format URL parameter, or with an Accept header in the request. The default is EncodingEnum.XML. Will not return null.
      • getFhirContext

        ca.uhn.fhir.context.FhirContext getFhirContext()
        Gets the FhirContext associated with this server. For efficient processing, resource providers and plain providers should generally use this context if one is needed, as opposed to creating their own.
      • getDefaultPageSize

        default Integer getDefaultPageSize()
        Default page size for searches. Null means no limit (DaoConfig might have size limit however)
      • isDefaultPrettyPrint

        boolean isDefaultPrettyPrint()
        Should the server "pretty print" responses by default (requesting clients can always override this default by supplying an Accept header in the request, or a _pretty parameter in the request URL.

        The default is false

        Returns the default pretty print setting
      • getInterceptorService

        ca.uhn.fhir.interceptor.api.IInterceptorService getInterceptorService()
        Returns the interceptor service for this server