6.6JPA Server Search



The HAPI FHIR JPA Server fully implements most FHIR search operations for most versions of FHIR. However, there are some known limitations of the current implementation. Here is a partial list of search functionality that is not currently supported in HAPI FHIR:

Chains within _has

Chains within _has are not currently supported for performance reasons. For example, this search is not currently supported


Location.position "near"

Searching on Location.Position using near currently uses a box search, not a radius search. A box search is a square centred on the provided coordinates with the shortest distance to the edge of the square equal to the distance provided; this means the box search will match more locations than a radius search in the corners. Currently, distance is assumed to be in km and any provided units are ignored. Distance must be between 0.0km and 10,000km.


The special _filter is only partially implemented.