7.2.1MDM Enterprise Identifiers


An Enterprise Identifier (EID) is a unique identifier that can be attached to source resources. Each implementation is expected to use exactly one EID system for incoming resources, defined in the MDM Rules file. If a source resource with a valid EID is submitted, that EID will be copied over to the Golden Resource that was matched. EID Settings

The MdmSettings bean contains two EID related settings. Both are enabled by default.

  • Prevent EID Updates (JavaDoc): If this is enabled, then once an EID is set on a resource, it cannot be changed. If disabled, patients may have their EID updated.

  • Prevent multiple EIDs: (JavaDoc): If this is enabled, then a resource cannot have more than one EID, and incoming resources that break this rule will be rejected. EID Scenarios

MDM EID management follows a complex set of rules to link related source records via their Enterprise Id. The following diagrams outline how EIDs are replicated from Patient resources to their linked Golden Patient resources under various scenarios according to the values of the EID Settings. EID Create Scenarios

MDM Create 1

MDM Create 2

MDM Create 3

MDM Create 4

MDM Create 5 EID Update Scenarios

MDM Update 1

MDM Update 2

MDM Update 3

MDM Update 4

MDM Update 5

MDM Update 6